Broken/Chipped Tooth

Minor chipped teeth can be treated with filling material same to the color of teeth in one sitting. If in case you have broken tooth we have the options like crowns and root canals etc which will help you get that lost tooth back.

Taking care of a chipped tooth seems absolutely tough. This is why calling professionals seems an ideal choice whenever you require chipped tooth treatment on an urgent basis. Stoddard Dental Square offers an instant solution for chipped tooth acc. Whenever you feel that you are having issues with a chipped or broken tooth, it seems beneficial to see a dentist immediately. We are proactively working to serve our clients with better chipped tooth treatment. We keep chipped tooth repair cost in NZ low to make sure everyone can afford the treatment and get rid of unpleasant feeling they are having in the mouth. Instead of taking self care, feel free to book an appointment with us.