Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a partial or complete denture inserted on the very same day, immediately after the removal of natural teeth. The process involves taking your impressions and making the denture for you and then taking your teeth out. The denture can then be reset to conform to your recovered gums properly at a later stage. Stoddard dental square provide immediate denture service on priority basis.

Do you want an immediate denture to be inserted right after the removal of the original tooth? Then, Stoddard Dental Square is the right place for you where you can meet professionals for immediate dentures in NZ. To ensure accuracy and quality in treatment, we take the impressions of your tooth and then make a denture that fixes your tooth perfectly. With us, you will enjoy the best dental care. We also make sure you enjoy our services as per your convenience. We prioritize your treatment and help you fix your dental problems in a seamless way. After seeking treatment from us, you will surely enjoy living comfortably. Now, fix your appointment and get quick dental services without any discomfort.