Root Canal Treatment

Human teeth’s have canals in the center which act as connection for nerves and blood vessels. A deep decay, infection or any type of accident can cause harm to these blood vessels and cause you a lot of pain. A root canal treatment can help to treat this condition. In this scenario first we open up the canals, take out the septic blood vessels and nerves, clean up the root canal and at last fill it up with a filling material in-order to avoid any future infection. The whole treatment is done in span of 2 to 3 sittings.

Toothache is not just painful but also disturbs your entire routine immediately. Stoddard Dental Square offers a quick solution to deal with unbearable pain. We are the renowned root canal specialist in Auckland that offers a immediate solution to deal with pain and decay of the nerves. The infection can also cause swelling in your face. When you are hunting for a root canal dentist near me, feel free to connect with us for better treatment. Whether it is treating the pain or extracting of the affected tooth, we will help you with the best possible treatments. We help you deal with your dental fear and serve comfort throughout the process. After all, your oral well-being is important to us.