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Common dental problems in children

Parents are highly concerned about the dental health of their kids. Since the growth of the first teeth, it is important to maintain oral hygiene. But, the lack of proper oral care leads to several dental issues. Find a list of dental problems most common to children.

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What are the drawbacks of improper brushing?

Tooth brushing is one of our regular activities. Some people also brush their teeth twice every day. They use quality toothpaste to avoid dental problems. Still, why do they have periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other issues? They do not know the right brushing technique.

Moreover, t..

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What is Smilelign Clear Brace Technology?

What is Smilelign Clear Brace Technology and How Does It Works

Smile is the most precious asset that one can ever have. A smile can do anything for you. Some have god gifted beautiful smile and som..

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Effective Ways to Keep Your Braces Clean and Hygienic

Ways to Keep Braces Clean and Hygienic

Keeping the teeth white and stain free takes a lot of effort. To maintain the required hygiene, it is very important to clean your teeth on a regular bas..

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6 Reasons for Bad Breathing

Reasons of Bad Breath

Oral health is not generally associated with brushing your teeth twice a day; rather, it may be tied to another element that you are unknowingly overlooking. You must put in a lot of effo..

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Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Gum Conditions

Mouth Gum Tips

Everyone should practice good oral hygiene and take proper active against oral issues associated with gums and teeth. This is not just about bright and white teeth; you should think about good health a..

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5 Things to remember after your dental implants

So, are you finally all ready to receive dental implants - hooray for that! You must be excited to finally have a set of teeth that allows you to smile confidently, right? Dental implants, for many years, have transformed the smiles and changed the lives of patients wi..

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How to improve your oral health

"Say Ahhh!" can reveal much more than you think about your oral health, and if you do not want to feel embarrassed at your next dental visit, make sure to take good care of it. Well, do you know your oral health has a major impact on your health? Yes, your oral hygiene..

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5 ultimate options for a missing front tooth!

Dental Implants

Having a healthy row of teeth not only shows off a..

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Why Stoddard is the best choice for you?

Stoddard Dental Square

Professional dental cleaning is critical if you want to keep y..

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Common Reasons to Use Dentures

Why Use Dentures

Dentures are substitute teeth that can be removed as and when needed. They allow you to gain back your confidence and also improve your capacity to munch by substituting blank areas with denture teeth...

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How to Know That You Need a Dental Implant?

Why You Need Dental Implant

For many people, missing a tooth or several teeth is a great source of embarrassment; it may limit how much you smile and hamper your confidence level. Luckily, you..

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Benefits of Improving Your Oral Hygiene in 2022

Your pearl whites add the zing to your smile! The surface of your teeth known as enamel protects them from decay. A little bit of wear and tear is normal, but there's plenty you can do to keep that barr..

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Importance Of Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

It is widely known that the smile is the only curve that sets everything straight. Quite literally a smile is not only the single biggest confidence builder but also the sharpest tool in any professional’s ..

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