Common Reasons to Use Dentures

Why Use Dentures

Dentures are substitute teeth that can be removed as and when needed. They allow you to gain back your confidence and also improve your capacity to munch by substituting blank areas with denture teeth. You can either have a partial or a full denture set if you have lost some or all of your teeth. You can make these according to your requirement. Dentures are also available in different types of materials to help you look better.


Common Reasons 


Tooth decay can be hereditary, or for years of carelessness toward oral health, your tooth can decay.

Sometimes diet-related issues can also hamper tooth health.


Gum diseases: One can lose teeth if they have bad gum or bleeding gums. This condition is one of the leading causes of using dentures. In this case, our gums tend to become reddish and swollen.


Injury- a sudden facial injury that hampers your alignment of the teeth or any kind of damages


Many people choose to use dentures because of their benefits-

The Benefits of Wearing Dentures:

  1. Modern dentures are comfortably designed. They perform the roles of your normal teeth. The fit is important for which you might need to visit the dentist often.
  3. You can eat freely without worrying. You can lead a normal life and have a full-blown normal diet with dentures. However, your dentist may initially suggest what edibles to eat in restraint to keep your dentures safe.
  5. Dentures rekindle your smile and stop any social awkwardness you may have handled about the crevices in your teeth.
  7. Your teeth help your facial muscles to hold uptight. Dentures substitute the support in your face, once formed by your natural teeth, to hold your facial appearance and stop you from looking more aged.
  9. The loss of teeth also denotes the decay of oral bone structure, which gradually starts to perish. Dentures decrease the rate at which these bones decay.
  11. If you have any remaining teeth, partial dentures stop undue wear and tear on your natural teeth, as chewing forces are evenly distributed to all teeth. You can properly clean your dentures as they are removable.

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