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Teeth whitening are one of the most popular dental clinic procedures as it lightens the teeth. It helps in removing all stain from teeth and also removes discoloration. However, this process needs to done from a good dental clinic and must be repeated at regular intervals in order to maintain the bright colour. The main reasons for getting stains in teeth are having tobacco, drink lots of coffee, cola and red wine, and also not taking proper care of teeth. There are two types of methods for whitening. One is vital whitening that is done on teeth that have got live nerves. Another one is non-vital whitening that is done to teeth that underwent root-canal treatment and do not have any live nerve.

Tooth whitening is used mainly for the outer layer of a tooth. The colour is created by the reflection of light of the outer layer. The reflection of light and the colour gets affected depending on the smoothness or roughness of the outer layer. Everyday thin coating forms on the outer layer of the tooth causing stains. Tooth whitening can also be done for inner layer of the tooth where the stains form due to too much fluoride during teeth development as a child. Tooth whitening becomes most effective when it is done on surface strains. Tooth whitening can be done both at home and in a dental clinic. At the clinic, the dentist first takes up a photograph to examine properly, then cleans the tooth and eventually start the process of whitening. For tooth whitening at home, the dentist makes trays to hold the gel for whitening that fits the tooth and is required to be put daily for around two or weeks at a stretch. It is also possible to buy kits from store for in-house whitening treatment that contain trays and whitening strips.

Tooth whitening does not cause any significant side effects, but there may be some sort of mild gum irritation. It is always advisable that pregnant women should not go for tooth whitening as the effects on the foetus is unknown; hence the cosmetic procedure should be done after delivery.

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