8 Best practices followed at Stoddard Dental Square:

At Stoddard Dental Square we followed the world best practice to give pain and hassle free treatment to our patient. Being professional dentists, we follow 8 golden rules which have played an important role in the success of Stoddard Dental Square and have made us renowned in Auckland.

 Rule 1: Always listen to the patient with patience.

Rule 2: Always do detailed diagnoses before starting the treatment.

Rule 3: Avoid Explainitis with the patients, better known as explaining, explaining, and explaining with no or little feedback from your patient.

Rule 4: Avoid hurrying to the presentation process.

Rule 5: Avoid assigning the treatment presentation to the patient.

Rule 6: Never made prejudice diagnosing decision.

Rule 7: Always answer patients questions with honesty and straight forwardness.

Rule 8: Never make promise that cannot be deliver within the time.