Restore Your Smile with the Right Solution

Are you planning to get tooth color fillings? Let us elaborate a bit on the matter. Earlier, teeth were filled with a blend of different metals. With the advancement in medical sciences, teeth fillings have taken a more natural look, and the fillings devoid of metals are becoming the most preferred kind of tooth color fillings. Stoddard Dental Square provides this type of dental treatment. The types of filling that they specialize at are listed below:

  • Direct fillings: A few restorative materials is used in this case which is put inside the teeth cavities which have formed as a result of decay. The dentist will apply the resin in consecutive layers, and they are immediately set with a special kind of light. This means that the whole filling can be constructed and will be repaired within the time you leave the office.
  • Semi-direct fillings: They are specially made for repairing more extensive areas. They are very much like the direct fillings in the layers of resin that are used. The filling is bonded to the tooth after it has set properly. These fillings are known to use CAD (Computer Assisted Design) in order to form the inlays.
  • Indirect fillings: If you need a complicated restoration, this method should be used. If you do not have a considerable number of healthy teeth left, this method of restoration is applied to substitute the majority of the visible teeth or even to fill them. This procedure is very involved, hence it is impossible to do it directly to the teeth and perform it on the same day.

Impacted wisdom teeth are basically the third molar teeth located at the far end that does not have enough space to accommodate them and grow by forcing themselves out in an unnatural way. Mostly, they occur in pairs, two on the top along with two at the bottom. Their growth is marked by the following symptoms:

  • Bleeding along with tender gums
  • Immense pain of the jaw
  • Bleeding as well as swollen gums
  • Bad breath
  • Cannot open mouth comfortably

Smile happily and bid goodbye to dental problems!