How Tooth Whitening And Replacing Discolored Fillings Can Help You Have A Confident Smile

How useful is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is temporary in nature. It is useful for people who indulge in foods and beverages that leave their teeth discolored or stained. Within a month of having such food habits one can lose the whiteness of teeth. Those who are not in the habit of eating such type of food may be able to retain the whiteness for more than a year before going to the dentist for another touch-up.

The whiteness achieved after professional tooth whitening treatment will also depend on how white the teeth are, how well they are, how little or how badly the staining has affected and also the bleaching system used.

Professional Whitening

Whitening treatment by a dentist is the fastest way to get white teeth. Whitening product is used directly on the teeth in clinical whitening process. The bleaching is done along with the application of heat as well as laser. Within 30 to 60 minute, the effect of the treatment can be seen. However, perfectly white teeth can be obtained after a number of sittings. Undoubtedly, the results are quite impressive and so teeth whitening is also an expensive treatment.

The dentist takes help of a gel which is applied on the gum tissues or a rubber sheet is slid over the teeth to provide protection to the gums and oral cavities from bleaching. One can be sure that utmost care is being taken by the dentist to protect the other parts within the mouth from the harsh effect of bleaching.

Old fillings

Just like stained or discolored teeth, old fillings also steal our looks and take away our confidence. Often, fillings are done in childhood or early years. With time these fillings become dark, old and extremely unattractive, making us self-conscious. Sometimes, people become too conscious about smiling, laughing or even talking.

It is also possible that old fillings may be defective apart from being unattractive. As time passes, the fillings between the teeth can get eroded and the space between the filling and tooth can increase. The space so developed will have food particles stuck, which can gradually lead to bacterial infection and eventually dental decay.

What to do with old fillings?

The best approach is to take the help of a dentist and get your fillings examined. If you want to replace discolored fillings, then you can decide upon those fillings which are to be removed first and also the options available with you. There are several filling material available, which have been developed based on research and modern technology, they are quick and painless to implement and also cost effective. In short, they are quite a good option for old and defective fillings.