6 Reasons for Bad Breathing

Reasons of Bad Breath

Oral health is not generally associated with brushing your teeth twice a day; rather, it may be tied to another element that you are unknowingly overlooking. You must put in a lot of effort to maintain good dental health. So, have a look at the explanations for your bad breath below since understanding why you have bad breath will help you better grasp how to overcome it.

It can be a side effect of medication!

Bad breath can be caused by the medicine you take or one of its adverse effects. A variety of drugs can affect your oral health, such as tooth decay or discolouration, and a lot of medications have been linked to dry mouth, which can lead to foul breath. How the medication is broken down in your body might result in an odour that appears in your mouth and on your breath.

It can be associated with hidden medical issues!

If you have persistent foul breath or a terrible taste in your mouth, it might be an indication of an ongoing health condition that requires your concern. Periodontitis, oral thrush of the mouth, cavities, dry mouth, or testicle stones can all cause bad breath. More significant health implications include pneumonia or bronchitis, persistent sinus infections, post cerebral drip, diabetes, chronic acid reflux, cancer, metabolic abnormalities, and liver and kidney issues.

It can be due to Inadequate dental hygiene!

If you don't brush or floss regularly, bacteria can build between your teeth, around your gums, and on your tongue, producing foul breath. Food particles stuck between your teeth or germs accumulating in the back of your throat are frequently the source of the stench. When you don't properly care for your teeth or dentures and miss regular dental exams, you put yourself at a higher risk for not only bad breath but also significant disorders that can damage your long-term health.

It can be related to tobacco!

Smoking lowers your immune system, making it more difficult to battle diseases such as gum disease which can sometimes be the cause of your foul breath. Smoking tobacco not only darkens your teeth, limits your ability to taste food, and irritates your gums, but it also puts you at risk for a slew of severe health issues. If you smoke, you are twice as likely as a nonsmoker to have gum disease, and the longer you smoke, the greater your chance of developing the illness.

It can be diet-related!

Your food choices have a significant influence on the odour of our breath after a good meal. In your mouth, the meal begins to degrade, and an odour is frequently left behind. If you clean your teeth and still smell anything, it's because of the digestive process. A high-sugar diet can also cause an odour in your breath as a result of the sugars reacting with the bacteria already present in your mouth.

It could be related to what you are drinking!

Your halitosis might be caused by drinking. Saliva kills germs in your mouth and aids in the digestion of food particles stuck in your teeth. Caffeine reduces saliva production, which raises the likelihood of foul breath. Typically, the foods and beverages with the largest concentrations of sulfur compounds produce the most offensive smells.

If you believe any of these are connected to your foul breath, please schedule an appointment with a competent dentist now. Stoddard Dental Square will provide you with the greatest facilities available, and their skilled professionals will assist you in combating bad breath as soon as possible.