Trust Us for the Best Treatment for Your Dental Problems

Every tooth in a mans head is more valuable than a diamond-Miguel De Cervantes.

It is your duty to keep yourself away from oral problems, and the best way to achieve it is to keep your teeth healthy and fresh. If you are suffering from unwanted dental problems in spite of visiting a plenty of dental clinics, then just switch to Stoddard dental Square. We believe in serving our patients with the best dental treatment available in the market as well as in educating our patients on how to take the best possible care of their oral problems.

Treatment for children:

Not only for elders, we have solutions to the dental problems for children also. We provide free treatment for under 18 children. For children of the age group 13-18 dental treatment is free and below 13 either they have to pay or get a referral letter from their respective schools.

Tooth color filling:

Sometimes we feel tremendous pain or discomfort in our teeth while chewing our food or while having something very hot or very cold. This situation happens due to cavity or decay of materials within our teeth. You can get rid of this pain by Tooth Color Filling without changing your natural tooth color. The concept behind tooth filling is taking out all the decayed components from your tooth and readily filling it up. With modern technology, we are capable of restoring your decayed tooth with exactly the materials having the same shade of color as your teeth.  You can start to eat and to drink normally right after the tooth filling treatment.

All of our patients are encouraged to learn about and explore our services, talk to our experts and choose the best possible solution for their dental problems. Within a very short time, Stoddard Dental Square has managed to secure a good rank in the dentistry world and established itself as a trusted brand among kiwis in Manukau, Auckland because of the standard and economical dental care provided to it patients.