Megan jade

I have been to Stoddard Dental Square with a bad toothache. As per Dr. Mauly's advice, I underwent, Root Canal Treatment. The best part has been the way the Dr Mauly have identified the cause and guided me accordingly. She was so nice and considerate that I am very much impressed by the treatment I received. Big thanks for all her help.


Stoddard Dental Square staff is very friendly and helpful especially Dr. Nikita, she did her best to educate me about the treatment I will be receiving. She was very professional takes good care of her patients. One thing that appeals me about Stoddard Dental Square is they maintain high level of standards for hygiene in their clinic.


Excellent service and great care was given at Stoddard dental square to me when I visited their clinic for root canal treatment. I was very impressed by the personal touch and professional behavior. Thanks a lot to Shivam and his team. I will recommend them to everyone.